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OK, first of all, let me just say Happy Birthday to the one and only wonderful JFK. <3 Yes, I know his Birthday was yesterday, but I meant to post thing whole thing yesterday... I just was too lazy, lol.

Now, on to the main topic, once again relating to Super Paper Mario. I'm thinking of starting to post more of my SPM rambles on here instead of just posting them on Facebook. No one on there gives a crap about them :T Maybe more will appreciate what I have to say about the greatest game ever on dA, especially since not many people talk about it anymore. *shrugs*
Anyway... I swear, the people who decide to ship Count Bleck/Blumiere with an OC of theirs (9/10 times it's a (crappy) self-insert OC, go figure. Everybody wants to be with the guy) possess a pretty special kind of sucky. And not the good type of special, at that. It's just... nah, man. :T

Heck, I could say the same about the people who ship him with anyone other than Timpani, even canon SPM characters. The one I can deal with and understand the most would be him with Nastasia, but it's pretty clear that the romantic feelings aren't mutual in the game. That doesn't stop people from writing fics that have Blumes randomly ditch Tippi at the end of the events in the game for Nastasia. o_o Why did he pull a total 180 with his feelings, and do these people even pay attention to the game? Like, do they even have a basic grasp of Count Bleck's character? I dun' think so. Of course, questioning the logic of said folks
isn't gonna get anywhere. Now, I'm fine with stuff where Nastasia is totally in love with The Count, 'cause that's pretty canon. I know of a pretty good amount of fanart and even better fanfics dealing with this, usually from her perspective, that I really love. But when you make it that they're both crushin' on each other, that's where you need to stop and truly think about what you're doing. I'm pretty sure that Bleck wasn't even that aware of Nastasia's feelings in SPM, he was just too focused on other things. A one way mind, he had... I was reading a parody fic someone did the other day, and the author made a really valid little point that is relevant to all this. I can't find the fic right now but I have a screencap of the part I'm talking about: It's only a couple of sentences but they speak the truth.

And I have so much more to say about that ship, which is actually easily the least ridiculous of the SPM Bleck ships (Aside from him with, you know, Timpani), but I'm gonna cut this thing short. Maybe some other time I'll touch the others (and more about this OC garbage). Easily one the stupidest of them all though is him with Dimentio. Three letters for that one right now: WTF. o_o That is my opinion of said ship in a nutshell. Sums it up quite nicely, does it not? At least he's a canon character, so it still probably has a tiny bit more merit than him with an OC, though, lol... Eh actually maybe not. *shrugs again*
Let me remind you all, though: BLUMIERE X TIMPANI OTP-est of OTPs. Do NOT EVER try to change that. Mkay?
K, I'm out of here.
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